The Glowing Planet

The whole world has been falling into chaos
because of the events of recent years
and especially the events of the last month.
We have only one Planet Earth and
millions of us are the people of Light.
We are the generation that is going
to change the pace of our history.
3 days to unite humankind,
to RESTART our planet Earth,
fill it with high levels of vibrations.
We call for those who care!
Choose your language
Victory of Light!
We fight the darkness with Light!
We want to unite people's hearts all over the world to create Light on the face of the Planet.
During these dark days we fill up the Planet with light vibrations of Love.
Millions of people, united by pure ideas of kindness and solidarity, health and beauty, get close and stand side by side!
2020 is a powerful astrological year
which will change the world completely.
Astrologists from all over the world have predicted that 2020 year becomes "the year defining the destiny of humankind", " the breaking point" and "the year of reunion".
7th of April
The World Health Day
05:00 - San Francisco
08:00 - New York
13:00 - London
15-00 - Moscow
17:30 - Delhi
19:00 - Bangkok
22:00 - Sydney

12th of April
The Day of High Levels' Vibrations
22d of April
The Day of our Planet
05:00 - San Francisco
08:00 - New York
13:00 - London
15-00 - Moscow
17:30 - Delhi
19:00 - Bangkok
22:00 - Sydney

00:30 - San Francisco
03:30 - New York
08:30 - London
10:30 - Moscow
13:00 - Delhi
14:30 - Bangkok
17:30 - Sydney

A web-site for time adjustment
(check in your city) is
The more people we'll gather together, the stronger we'll become.
Join us! Bring everyone with you!
World is waiting for us.
All forces of the Universe will be ready to help the Light!
In 1987 the world's first synchronized global peace meditation occurred.
The aim of it was uniting large groups of people around the world in holy places, including Shasta mountain, Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids to make 144 000 people meditate at the same time. This event influenced the minds of people greatly.
Today we need to put much more effort.
Our task is to create three waves, three days for the Planet, when MILLIONS dots of Light come together in the single practice to make the Quantum Leap into the BEST timeline, which we can possibly imagine for the Mankind!
But it happened over 30 years ago. The situation in the world has deteriorated more than someone could imagine.
It doesn't matter where you live.
It doesn't matter which language you speak.
It doesn't matter what your religion is.

The only important thing is our goal towards the Light!
7, 12 and 22 April we get together as one family.
But we need support from everyone of You.
Koronavirus has already divided countries and cities.
It is disturbing the peace of life and crashing the economy in all edges of the Planet.
This is a powerful attack.
Our intentions are pure. Co-working, we can create the energy current of unseen power and help a Miracle to happen. We smash this layer of darkness and change the pace of history. Yes, all together we can do this!
But everyone of us is a bullet filled with Light.
If you want to see a brighter future or our PLANET,
join us!

The meditation of silence starts at the fixed time. It will last for 30 minutes. You can meditate in any place, mentally connecting to the millions of people, practicing the meditation at the same time. At the end of the practice we ask to say the following phrases:

May there be peace in the whole world!
The world is healthy
The world is full of light and kindness
People's hearts are full of the Light and Love
People are calm, harmonious and smiling
According to the Law of Free Will, We ask to resolve the situation, occurred on the Earth, the best possible way according to a divine Plan

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